Come practice prenatal yoga with me at Wentworth-Douglass Hospital in Dover, NH on Thursday nights 6-7 pm

$60 per 5-week series.

I am thrilled to be teaching at WDH and connecting with expecting moms on their journey to motherhood. You don't have to be a WDH patient to register for yoga!

I foster a safe and non-judgmental space of community! Meet local expecting mothers to share and grow your circle of support.

Prenatal yoga is a safe and effective practice to do throughout pregnancy. Not only does it have physical benefits, but it also soothes the mind and spirit.

No prior yoga experience needed! Prenatal yoga is not about super difficult poses - it's about slowing down to pay some attention to your incredible body as you walk this path. You deserve to take time for yourself once a week to breathe, relax, stretch and strengthen. As you quiet your mind you can connect to your baby and yourself.

My class is a mix of poses and some helpful bits of childbirth education, meditation and visualization.

Much of the practice of prenatal yoga directly translates to labor and birth, so you will feel more prepared for your birth experience while reaping the many benefits a prenatal yoga practice has to offer.

The joy I receive from having the honor of guiding women to feel present in their bodies throughout pregnancy is very fulfilling.